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Member Bulk Mail Info

The Benzie Area Chamber of Commerce holds a Bulk Mail License for unlimited use by its members.  All mail must be sent from the Benzonia Post office and provides significant discounts on postage rates for 200 or more pieces (less than 16oz per piece).


With USPS changing the account process.  Starting May 1, 2023 the Benzie Chamber will be collecting postage used for Bulk Mail sent from Members.  USPS will no longer be able to accept payment at the window from auxiliary users of the permit.

  • If your calculated postage is under $100, you may remit your payment within 72 hours of your mailing.
  • If your calculated postage is over $100, payment must be remitted prior to mailing.

At this time we are able to accept checks for postage service.  We will be rolling out credit card payment ability in the near future.  You may remit your payment in-person during lobby hours, by mail, or by sliding under the lobby door at the Chamber Office.  Receipts will be sent upon processing.  Please include a copy of your Postal Statement with your payment for reconciliation.

Current First Class Postage Rate


Current Postcard Postage Rate


Bulk mail reduces these postage rates considerably.

You can find popular information here.  The Manistee Post Office has a Bulk Mail Unit that is very helpful with specific questions about your mail, filling out forms, etc.  Their number is (231) 723-2523.

As a reminder, the Benzonia Post Office closes for lunch 12:30pm - 1:30pm daily; their direct number is (231) 882-4683.

You may request plastic trays for mail sorting from any post office location.

USPS updates its forms when necessary.  We strongly recommend that you use forms directly from the USPS website.  Do not retain old forms as they be out of date and have incorrect postage listed.



Permit / Account Holder:
Benzie County Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 204
Benzonia, MI  49616
(231) 882-5801

CRID: 9801762

Permit #: 6

Mailing Agent: Your Organization's Info

Mailing Agent CRID: Your Organization's CRID


Post Office of Mailing: Benzonia 49616

Types of Postage: Permit Imprint (unless using another method)

Move Update Method: Alternate Method (unless you are using a mailing database service)



*Note all 496 & 497 zipcodes qualify as the same 3-digit for discount purposes - AADC Machinable Letters, or 3-Digit for all other mail types.

Mail Vocabulary

Entry - DNDC - Destination Network Distribution Center

Entry - DSCF - Destination Sectional Center Facility

Category - AADC - Automated Area Distribution Center

Category - ADC - Area Distribution Center

Learn the Lingo!  Here are some frequently used terms and their meaning:


Marketing Mail - the updated term for "Bulk Mail" as it relates to printed material (ie. flyers, circulars, advertising, etc.), newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, and small parcels.

CRID (Customer Registration ID) - the unique number assigned to your organization by USPS.  You will use the Chamber CRID for your mailing account, and use YOUR CRID for identification of the mailer.  If you need to set-up a CRID, please click here:

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) - service by the USPS that targets mail recipients within a target market.  This is ideal for sale flyers and promotional mailers.

IMSB (Intelligent Mail Small Business) - service that integrates a barcode into your address labels.  This assists in expediting your mail through the automated sort machines.

PostalPRO - is the division of the USPS that oversees business services.

BCG (Business Customer Gateway) - is the online portal for business services and account activity.

EPS (Enterprise Payment System) - the new account payment service from the USPS to replace the old Trust accounts.  This account is tied to a Banking Account and functions as an ACH.

Trust Account (Corporate Account)- the old account style formerly used for business mail.  This account is being discontinued by the USPS effective July 1, 2023.

Postal Wizard - the user-friendly service that assists in filling out required forms.

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