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Snowmobiling in Benzie

Your Benzie Area Chamber of Commerce understands the economic impact that the Snowmobiling community has on our area.  This page is managed and curated by Benzie residents passionate about snowmobiling.

Michigan's state-designated trails are open Dec. 1-March 31, and grooming occurs when there is enough snow.  The Michigan DNR oversees the State trail systems which permit revenue adds to the Snowmobile Trail Improvement Funds and the Snowmobile Law Enforcement Grants

The Benzie Manistee Snowbirds were founded in 1968 as local group in support of their love to snowmobiling.  The Benzie~Manistee Snowbird's trail system consist of 162 miles of trail and connects to Wellston Winter Trails. Their trail reports bring you up to date information on parts of Benzie and Manistee County, along with links to other areas in northern Michigan.

MISORVA is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the success of snowmobiling and ORVing in Michigan.  The club is dedicated to all ages and riding styles by helping to facilitate safety classes, and by promoting responsible and safe riding by endorsing the Zero Tolerance Policy that prohibits alcohol use while operating a snowmobile or ORV!

MISORVA members strive to ride in harmony with the environment and wildlife, and to respect the rights of private landowners by
staying in designated approved snowmobile and ORV areas at all times.  Michigan currently has over 6,500 miles of marked groomed snowmobile trails and over 30,000 additional miles of undeveloped
trails in state and federal forests where snowmobiling is permitted.  Over 2,500 miles of quality snowmobile trails have been added to our state trail system in the last 20 years.

MISORVA employs a full time legislative consultant supported by a dedicated office staff to work with local, state and federal agencies to
protect, promote and improve snowmobile recreation areas.


Betsie River Trail

The Betsie River Trail system spans the central and southern portion of Benzie County.  The trail links with expanded systems to Manistee County to the south and to the Platte River Trail to the northwest.

Platte River Trail

The Platte River Trail system spans the central and western portion of Benzie County.  The trail links with expanded systems to Leelanau County to the nouth and to the Betsie River Trail to the southeast.


The Manistee County Visitor's Bureau is a great regional resource that created an informative map dedicated to the snowmobile trails in Benzie & Manistee Counties.

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